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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Come On In Out of the Storm


Currier and Ives Serving Tray

Winter Blizzard Scene

This country needs some warm sunshine! Many of us have been caught in the throes of a serious winter, with feet of snow, sub-zero temperatures, and the ensuing cabin fever. Let's let the sunshine in!


Definitely this little bird is basking in the sunshine. An original acrylic on canvas painting, it warms us up with its mustard yellow background and bright magenta flowers. 

This original oil on canvas sun face painting will help melt the white stuff and warm our bone, with its bright golden yellow hues. 

 Succulent Centerpiece

As the sun grows stronger in our hemisphere, we begin to see gorgeous colors in nature. Here, in this succulent centerpiece, the combination of blues, green, chartreuse, and magenta signal summer has arrived. 

Suddenly, we find ourselves enjoying a favorite lunch and perhaps a glass of wine in our courtyard, while flowers vine and bloom all around us. 

Not only are we humans happy in the warmth of the sunshine, but all of nature is, as well!

Stay warm, and have happy days!